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Hi! My name is Rielle...

Welcome to my portfolio! I am an aspiring indie game developer who aims to create fun games and express myself in the form of creative storytelling and code. 


About Me

I am a graduate of Red River College Polytech's Game Development - Programming program. Asides from programming, I also have graphic design skills and experience. My interest lies in creating video games that inspire and bring members of the community closer together.



A collection of my playable games and prototypes that have definite and distinguishable game mechanics and interactions.

Prathdash Delivery Service

A racing game about working as a food delivery driver and drive around Prathville in order to earn money and collect more cars.


Cast out: Shards of the Everclam is an action-adventure game that follows Ottelot, a young otter, who was tasked to save his town from a terrible curse placed by King Tuskot. Join him on his journey as he strives to muster the courage to explore caverns, ruins and ancient temples and fight creatures that intend to block his path.

Drainage Dreams

Drainage Dreams is a 2D puzzle-platforming game about a young girl, Erin, who attempts to run away from home and falls deep into the city's ancient underground sewers.

In this prototype, you get to play three different levels that are composed of chase scenes, puzzles, collectible items and many more!

What lies beneath

A twin stick shooter game about fighting an evil corporation that intends to control all of humanity. Follow the protagonist as he fights his way out of the underground lab in order to escape what lies beneath.

The runaway groom

A game about a  gray wolf alpha, trying to get away from

the traditional norm of being wed to an alpha female of

the pack. The game was created in compliance with the

2022 Women Game Jam and made in Unity Game Engine.

Fit Beats!

Fit Beats is a rhythm game where you hit the beats in order to get fit! The game is designed as a "crunch" themed game jam submission for the RRC Game Development program 2023 Game Jam.

Project Rocket - Construction
safety awareness vr

A construction safety simulator (vr) that features different construction tools like cutting, drilling and nailing and more. The game is made using the Unity Game Engine.


An android application built to engage students in learning and provide a new and innovative learning experience and teaching approach.

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